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Tech Nation 2017: great stats for UK, but we could still do better
Report shows solid investment in UK tech industry, but a shortage of scale-ups and skills.
A smarter way of networking
We facilitated some great networking opportunities at Smart IoT London
Low-carbon feedstocks: what they could mean for the UK
The development of chemical and bio-based processes that utilise low-carbon feedstocks is essential to our transition towards a low-carbon bioeconomy.
Opportunity for Cleantech Companies to Showcase UK Innovation
Opportunity for Cleantech Companies to Showcase UK Innovation at the Eighth Clean Energy Ministerial Exhibition, Beijing
Soil health plays key role in long-term agricultural profitability
The management of soil health has long been recognised as an important challenge in the agricultural sector.
Photonics takes centre stage in Parliament
Fast-developing photonics sector is a key driver for innovation.
New Offshore Wind Innovation Hub launches first cross-sector initiative
Offshore Wind Innovation Exchange will accelerate cost reduction by connecting across industries.