46th Intelligent Sensing Program – Sensing the Air Quality and Emissions

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 at 9:30 am
IET Birmingham: Austin Court, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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KTN is organising a one day networking workshop on air quality sensing


Air pollution seriously impacts on people’s health and threatens the sustainability of economics development. In the UK alone, air pollution causes over 40,000 early deaths annually. Air quality monitoring devices are now widely used by public and private organisations to monitor the quality of the air and pollutants emissions from industry and other sources such as cars, so that to detect violations to air quality standard and control pollution discharges into the air. Sensing devices for air quality monitoring (AQM) were worth $3.4b globally in 2015, and will continue to grow at a rapid rate, and expected to reach $5.64bn by 2021.

The UK is a world-leader in key AQM technologies innovation development, and has an excellent AQM sensing community, rich research expertise, active and innovative industrial companies and also end-user communities. However, to more effectively address the air pollution issue, close collaborations of researchers, industry companies, Government regulators, and other key stakeholders, need to be established, and new innovative solutions need to be developed.

To support business innovation development in this sector, KTN is organising a one day networking workshop on air quality sensing. The workshop will bring together end-user communities, technology providers, researchers, regulatory and funding agencies and other key stakeholders in the UK, to:

  • Network
  • Share knowledge of market opportunities, needs and challenges
  • Discuss state of the art of wearable sensing technologies
  • Develop new ideas and collaborations

In this event, we have invited major industry leaders, leading academic experts, regulatory and innovation funding agencies, and end users, to share their knowledge and expertise with participants. We are also providing exhibition space for relevant innovators to showcase their technologies and capabilities.

The Presentations

The event consists of featured expert presentations from end users, regulator, technology providers, and innovation funders and other key stakeholders (e.g. Environmental Agency, Alphasense, Gas Sensing Solutions, NPL, AirMonitors, and Innovate UK), etc. covering topics in following thematic areas:

  • Needs and Challenges for AQM
  • State of the Art Sensing Technologies
  • Emerging AQM Solutions
  • Business innovation and funding opportunities

For Exhibitors

The event also offers a number of exhibition places during the event. An exhibitor ticket includes 1 delegate pass. If you are interested in having an exhibition space, please contact Liqun Yang