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AgriTech Investment Showcase 2018

Event details
Monday, 15 October 2018
14:00 pm – 18:00 pm
The Knowledge Transfer Network is delighted to host its second Agri-Tech Investment Showcase.

Event brief

Following on from the success of the 2017 event, the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is delighted to host its second Agri-Tech Investment Showcase.

The ongoing need for private investment in Agri-Tech to further realise the sustained public investments and technical excellence within the UK has been recognised by the KTN, and with additional Innovate UK support  we have prioritised this need and have continued to support and build the Agri-Tech Investment community. To improve the 2018 programme and building on the success of last year’s showcase event, where we are aware of at least four companies who received successful investment outcomes, we have collated comments by all those who participated and responded to their feedback. The KTN has also recently held an investor only event with discussions held on the desired aims and format for subsequent events and improved ongoing engagement. A short video of this event can be found here. This has led the KTN Agrifood Team to host its second showcase event on the 15th October at Prince Philip House, Pall Mall, London, which will continue to support the business and investor communities to fulfil their ambitions and translate innovation into ongoing commercial benefits.

The 2018 showcase event will enable up to 14 companies to present their investment opportunity to an audience of investors dedicated in targeting Agri-Tech opportunities from the UK. We have selected the 15th October to coincide with the World Agri-Tech Summit, being held in London on 16th-17th October, providing greater opportunity for international investors to participate in both events and for them to see some of the leading UK Agri-tech companies showcasing their business opportunities.

The competition for companies is now closed and 24 excellent opportunities are now going through our accelerator training programme of pitch training and KTN mentoring, in preparation for selection of the 14 finalists for the October Showcase. More details on the companies selected will be released over the coming months.

Please contact Chris Danks ( for more information.


‒      12:00 – 13:00 Investor only closed meeting

‒      13:00 Lunch

‒      13:45 Introduction by KTN

‒      13:55 – 15:05 Pitch Session 1 max 7 Pitches 10 mins (7 minutes pitch plus Question)

‒      Coffee Break

‒      15:30 – 16:40  Pitch Session 1 max 7 Pitches 10 mins each (7 minutes pitch plus Question)

‒      Drinks Reception and Canapes

‒      Room available for 1:1 Investor meetings and networking

‒      Close 18:00

For more information about this event please contact our sector lead
Chris Danks
Knowledge Transfer Manager, AgriFood