.....And the rest is just engineering!

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Monday, 26 June 2017 at 10:00 am
51 Lever Street, Manchester, United Kingdom
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Taking success from the laboratory bench to the next step

Businesses, especially SMEs, who are engaged in exploiting novel and advanced materials are often staffed with the necessary expertise to take an application to the proof of principle level. Taking success from the laboratory bench to the next step- whether that is integration into a device or component, scale up manufacture from grams to kgs to tonnes, conversion of a batch process to flow, keeping track of standards and regulations- requires time and expertise that is often underestimated by the phrase “…and the rest is just engineering”.

Too often, there remains a gap in the route between the R&D project and market product. This gap is another ‘Valley of Death’ that can prevent the commercialisation of good R&D.

We’d like to help businesses unpack the phrase “…and the rest is just engineering” and better understand and manage these next steps in their growth. We invite you to a matchmaking day where you can meet engineers specialising in different sectors and industries, who may be able to help you grow faster and smarter.

Outline agenda:

09:00: Registration and Coffees

10:00: Introduction – Jacqui Murray – Head of Materials at innovate UK

Case studies of engineering solving a problem for materials exploitation

Case Study 1: Emma Kendrick, Reader at Warwick Manufacturing Group
Case Study 2: Philip Anderson, Senior Lecturer at University of Cardiff
Case Study 3: Ehab Sayed, Director of Innovation, Biohm Limited

11:00: Break – Networking

11:30: 1-to-1 Matchmaking meetings


Emma Kendrick, Reader at Warwick Manufacturing Group. Emma has specific expertise in energy storage and scaling up and testing of batteries.

Philip Anderson, Senior Lecturer at University of Cardiff. Philip works with magnetic materials and can advise on those and other functional materials.

Ajay Kapadia, Knowledge Transfer Network. Ajay is a mechanical engineer and the KTN’s expert on composites, can advise from the structural viewpoint.

Michael Burnett: Knowledge Transfer Network. Michael is a Chemical Engineer and the KTN’s expert on Process Manufacturing.

Lien Ngo is an Innovation Lead for Advanced Materials at Innovate UK. Her background is in chemistry, with work in nanotechnology and surface science. She has worked for UK spin-outs and SMEs looking to commercialise novel materials

Darren Ragheb. Darren is Strategic Programme Manager at the Centre for Process Innovation. Darren has broad experience of formulated products, bridging chemistry and materials science with engineering.

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Continue 1-to-1 matchmaking meetings

15:00: Break – Coffees

15:30: Additional Networking if required

16:30: Close


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