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CAV Workshop and Nature Inspired Solutions Showcase

Event details
Thursday, 25 April 2019
9:30 am – 16:30 pm
This event is aimed at the wider transport ecosystem from car manufacturers, to technology SMEs, funding bodies and local authorities.

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) invite you to a day of workshops focused on 2 very important areas for Connected and Automated Vehicles:

  1. Local Authorities and Requirements for CAVs – In a time where the budgets of different local authorities can’t cope with subsidising transport operators, CAVs might offer a solution. We will look into the different types of physical and non-physical requirements that vehicles will need to address for a wider implementation on our roads and in our lives. We will explore the different types of roads, interactions (e.g. having to swerve to avoid a wild animal) as well as different social requirements they will need to address.
  2. Requirements and Standards for Sensors – As requested by a majority of companies, in the second workshop we will address to one of the most important pain points in CAV development – the requirements needed for sensors addressed to the CAV market.

Overview of the day:

  • Introduction to the Nature Inspired Solutions SIG
  • Short Showcase Presentations: Nature Inspired Solutions
  • Workshop 1 aimed at local authorities: How to improve rural transport
  • Workshop 2 aimed at transport industry, regulators: Sensors and standards for sensors
  • Ample time will be given to delegates to visit the table top exhibitors showcasing nature inspired solutions that can help to solve transport and intelligent mobility problems for CAVs and the wider transport ecosystem