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Digital Futures Developing the IoT Value Chain - Leeds

Event details
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
10:00 am – 16:00 pm
Digital Futures Developing the IoT Value Chain

KTN are running workshops to help identify the potential for government actions to reduce the barriers to supply and demand to stimulate the development of, and large scale uptake of, IoT applications.


The UK Government is supporting a range of programmes and initiatives, many of which involve, depend upon or impact upon IoT applications and infrastructure. There are also significant IoT activities led by the private sector and research and technology organisations. Technologies, and their uses, continue to evolve and innovate at a rapid pace.


A key challenge for the UK is how to develop and maintain an effective ecosystem that encourages both the research and development and the use of IoT applications and related technologies. The ecosystem includes services such as platform and solution providers, cloud, data, systems integration and security services, and providers of hardware, software and communications services. It also includes vertical industry sectors. This ecosystem should be internationally competitive to help economic growth through promoting investment by existing companies, attracting inward investment to the UK and by being conducive to the development, growth and scaling up of UK based businesses.


The workshops will explore what are the key barriers to increasing the supply of and demand for IoT applications. This will look at both the development of emerging applications and increasing the adoption of available services. The main focus will be on actions that the government could undertake, particularly if there was a coordinated government approach with a primary focus on supporting the ongoing development of an IoT ecosystem.


We are looking for attendees from businesses that are active in the IoT value chain and where you have an insight into barriers to supply and demand that the government could address. Government actions could include, for example, stimulating innovation, encouraging standards-driven interoperability, supporting use cases, and coordinating how to address developmental issues that are common across multiple industry sectors. We will be focusing on industrial and enterprise IoT. At this stage, we will not be looking at consumer IoT.


An example of an existing study recommending areas of potential action is the report by the Royal Academy of Engineering and PETRAS: Internet of Things – realising the potential of a trusted smart world.


Workshops will be held in London on 19 February 2020 covering Transport, Logistics, Utilities, Retail and Services sectors; and in Leeds on 25 February 2020 addressing Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Automotive sectors.


There will be a focus workshop in London on 11 March 2020 where the outputs of the preceding workshops will be considered alongside options for potential Government actions to support an effective IoT ecosystem. When registering for the London or Leeds workshop, please indicate your availability for the focus workshop.


Follow the link below for the full event agenda and registration.

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