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Digital Security by Design (DSbD): Building the software ecosystem - Scoping Workshop

Event details
Thursday, 30 July 2020
14:00 pm – 17:00 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
This online scoping workshop will solicit input from across the software engineering community.

The focus will be on the enablement of the software ecosystem to support the development of products and services based on DSbD’s new security approach.


Scoping is open to a broad technology space relevant to DSbD including:

  • software frameworks
  • development environments
  • operating systems
  • language runtimes
  • libraries
  • middleware


Representatives from the following are asked to express their interest in attending:

  • companies involved in R&D and/or doing business across the software development lifecycle (system engineers, architects, developers)
  • Universities and research organisations with expertise in software development ecosystems

As there are limited places available, confirmation of attendance will be subject to qualification/filtering based on the information supplied in your expression of interest registration.


Further background on the Digital Security by Design Challenge.

The Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Challenge  will radically update the foundation of the insecure digital computing infrastructure by creating a new, more secure hardware and software ecosystem. Built on new security capabilities, the technology developed through the DSbD Programme is set to enable industry change and to underpin future digital products and services.

The DSbD Programme involves 3 main activities: Enable, Use and Impact. The Enable activity will deliver through the Arm-led consortium a technology platform prototype, known as the Morello platform, with built-in architectural features designed to implement the concept of ‘Capabilities’ based on the CHERI  protection model anchored in multi-year research by Cambridge University. The Impact activity focuses on the development of market demonstrators, underpinned by the Morello platform, with the aim to enable sector-specific adoptions of the DSbD technologies to develop future products and services.

Crucial to the uptake of DSbD’s new approach to security will be enabling developers to take advantage of the new security features that are available in the hardware, in the way that software is engineered, programmed and executed. This is the aim of the Use activity: to provide a range of tooling, software development environments, language run-times, libraries, processes and methodologies that will ultimately enable an ecosystem effect to underpin success and market impact.


This Scoping Workshop will focus on the specific research and development needs of the Programme’s Use activity in order to solicit input from across the UK’s software development community. The purpose of the event is to provide an update on the status of the DSbD Programme, to enable information exchange and discussion amongst participants, and to provide an opportunity through working sessions to shape the design of a funding competition expected to open in early 2021.


There are two key milestones and associated deliverables against which the scoping workshop will be held:

A Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) model – available from November 2020 – will simulate the Morello hardware and offer an environment on which to develop, build and test software ahead of the physical hardware. The FVP model will be released with initial support software in terms of a toolchain, libraries, kernel development and some limited user space examples.

The Morello platform – expected to deliver initial boards from January 2022 – with system software, toolchains and software stacks that will include further developed features for capability-aware development.


Important Note: Potential participants should familiarise themselves with the DSbD Programme. Background material on the Morello hardware and software work and the CHERI developments is available here.


NB: Expression of Interest: Please note that this registration is an expression of interest only and does not guarantee an automatic place at the event – a separate confirmation email will be sent to you if your place has been accepted 1 week before the event.


Follow the link below to register.

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