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POSTPONED - Expression of Interest: What are the Materials and Manufacturing Challenges in Making Fashion Sustainable? - Leeds

Event details
Tuesday, 31 March 2020
9:00 am – 16:00 pm
The event aims to engage a mixed audience in a discussion about current work towards sustainable fashion within a circular economy framework.

***Sorry, this event has been postponed.***


The day would be in two parts, with invited speakers. In the morning we would be discussing activities that are taking place at a more national level. After lunch our speakers will present the work they do within the Leeds area and provide challenges that the audience is invited to collaboratively explore local issues for dealing with fashion and textile waste.


Draft Agenda

9:00 Registration & Refreshments
9:54 Welcome by Lord Haskell & Presentation by HoS of School of Design
10:00 TBC
10:30 Speaker 1 – TBC
11:00 Speaker 2 – TBC
11:30 Speaker 3 – TBC
12:00 Zero Waste Fashion/RSA (Introduce the Fashion Hack & Relevance to the Morning Session).
12:30 Lunch & Networking
13.30 The Fashion Hack

Three scenarios presented to the delegates about particular local (to Leeds area) issues related to fashion and textile waste. With the help of the organisers, delegates would be encouraged to participate in examining the issues, thinking about the root causes and so defining the problems as they see them.

Scenario One: Community issues in recirculating fashion – clothing exchanges speaker to outline the issues they face.

Scenario Two: New products from old: speaker to outline their product made using waste textiles and the process that they use and the issues that they face.

Scenario Three: Not the black bin: speaker from Veolia and Leeds City Council to outline their process and the issues that they face when textiles appear in the collection.

15:30 Tea/Coffee plus group discussion and feedback
16:00 Close



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