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Going digital: Impact of computational tools on chemical R&D

Event details

Recent advances in digital technology are increasingly finding their way into R&D intensive businesses who produce formulated products – including pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, food and drink, and industrial materials and coatings. Most will be familiar with the phrases “Industry 4.0”, “digital transformation” and “big data”, but what do these mega trends mean for your business?


This event brings together a wide range of digital solutions providers and R&D-intensive companies to showcase the computational tools on offer, and how they can be used to boost their R&D efforts across all stages of digitisation. From lab digitisation and automation, data analytics, modelling and simulation to digital design for scale-up, we will explore the practical aspects of implementing these approaches in your business and provide networking opportunities to facilitate the uptake of these tools.


Attendees will be able to:

  • Learn about the range of computational tools on offer and how they can boost the R&D productivity of their business
  • Meet key representatives of UK-based computational solution providers and research organisations
  • Uncover funding opportunities and connect with the wider innovation ecosystem through KTN


During the event KTN will seek feedback from participants about what the perceived barriers are to the adoption of these tools, the difficulties experienced when attempting to implement them, and what sort of support is required for the formulation industries. KTN will use this output as the basis for further events on this topic.


Attendees will also be offered the opportunity to pitch their company’s computational offering to the audience during a dedicated session (if selected on registration).


Follow the link below to find out more about this event and to register.

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