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Implementing AI: Running AI at the Edge

Event details
Friday, 12 June 2020
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
The Implementing AI: Running AI at the Edge, hosted by KTN and eFutures, is the second event of the Implementing AI webinar series.

To make products more intelligent, more responsive and to reduce the data generated, it is advantageous to run AI on the product itself, as opposed to in the cloud.


The focus of this webinar will be the opportunities and challenges of moving the AI processing to “the Edge”. The webinar will have four presentations from experts covering overviews of the opportunity, implementation techniques and case studies.


The event is aimed at product development engineers, designers and product managers who are looking to improve the capabilities of the systems that they design.


After the morning webinar, there will be the opportunity to book 1:1 meetings with the speakers and other delegates via Meeting Mojo – our online networking tool. Opt in for Meeting Mojo during registration and you’ll be able to build your profile, search other users’ profiles and book 1:1 video chat meetings via the platform.


We are also planning to run workshops in the afternoon to allow engineers to understand some of the technology offerings in more detail – further information to follow.


Implementing AI webinar series

The Implementing AI webinar series is designed for people involved in the management and implementation of AI based solutions – from developers to CTOs.


Find out more about it and previous events here.


Running in parallel with the Implementing AI webinars series, we are starting a series of workshops. The aim of the workshops is to explore the topics in more detail and depth.

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