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ISCF Application of whole Genome Sequencing approaches to Cancer

Event details
The aim of this competition is to support projects that use whole genome sequencing to analyse cancers.

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, will invest up to £5.4 million of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund as part of the Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine Challenge.


Applications can be made for both feasibility and collaborative projects lasting up to 18 months and with maximum eligible costs of £1m.


The aim of this competition, which opens on 7 October and closes on 22 January is to support projects that use whole genome sequencing to analyse cancers. This can be through the manipulation of existing whole genome data, through the collection of new sequence data or through a combination of both.


Possible approaches include but are not limited to:

• the development of new analytical or reporting tools for clinical decision support
• the identification of molecular signatures that allow for new or improved targeting of therapies
• the identification of new therapeutic targets
• new genetic signatures that can be used clinically, such as markers that support repurposing of drugs or a personalised approach to patient management
• the comparative assessment of alternative assay methods in parallel with whole genome sequencing


Applications that apply other forms of genetic analysis, including gene panels or arrays, in isolation will not be eligible for funding.


If you are interest in learning more about this ISCF competition, register here to attend the briefing event that will be held in Birmingham on the 30th of October.


Not able to attend? This event will also be available via webcast and you can register to join online here.


Find the slides from all KTN webcasts via Slideshare.


You can view the full competition page here.


Follow the link below for the full event agenda and registration.