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ISCF Audience of the Future - Design Foundations Competition Briefing - Glasgow

Event details
Thursday, 17 May 2018
14:00 pm – 16:30 pm
Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Briefing


The first of the ISCF Audience of the Future challenges launch May 21st 2018.

On 27th November 2017, BEIS published the “Industrial Strategy – Building a Britain fit for the future” White Paper. The Industrial Strategy included a number of valuable opportunities for the Creative Industries including a £33M fund for Audiences of the Future challenge.

Immersive technologies such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality are changing how we experience the world around us – from entertainment and art to shops and classrooms. The challenge is to bring creative businesses, researchers and technologists together to create striking new experiences that are accessible to the general public. This can create the next generation of products, services and experiences that will capture the world’s attention and position the UK as the global leader in immersive technologies.

May 21st 2018 sees the opening of the first wave of activity, a £16m Demonstrator programme to explore the immersive future of the Creative Industries by creating new large-scale experiences and testing them with a mass audience, and also the launch of the £1m early-stage Design competition focused on understanding the future user, delivering vital insight into audience perceptions and behaviours.

The first of the ISCF Audience of the Future challenges launch May 21st 2018.

A programme of briefing events and consortia building events are being hosted around the UK May 8th – 21st.


ISCF Audience of the Future Design Foundation Competition Overview:


£1M Design Foundations Competition Audience of the Future:

Design Foundations is an early stage design competition focused on understanding the future consumer, delivering vital insight into audience perceptions, motivations and behaviours. The Design Foundations competition will help to de-risk and boost public RoI in subsequent R&D investment and help high-potential organisations (with the capability to innovate) to answer critical early-stage questions, and to build the foundations for successful innovation R&D activity.

We require applicants for CR&D grants to explain the specific nature of their innovation, their target customer/user, the route to market, and the expected value and impact of their innovation. Such questions are crucial to successful innovation, and we rightly expect the organisations we fund to be able to answer these questions. We expect them to come to us with ‘ready to go’, fully justified and validated ideas – with outstanding technical challenges – which we will then support them to develop.


ISCF Audience of the Future Design Competition Briefing Events

These half day briefing events will cover both funding opportunities and are designed to give you an opportunity to meet the teams behind the competitions, learn more about the scope of funding on offer, ask questions and meet potential partners and collaborators.

These events are free to attend with online registration on a first-come-first -served basis. We are looking to have representatives from as wide a number of organisations as possible. As we are limited on numbers at all locations we would ask that organisations (including universities) only send 2 representatives maximum.

NB: If we receive more than 2 responses from an organisation then we will take the first two received and place all subsequent responses onto a reserve list.  We will only be able to guarantee places for the first 2 responses received from each organisation.

All events are listed below:

08 May – Cardiff

11 May – Belfast

16 May – North East

17 May- Glasgow

21 May – London

For more information about this event please contact our sector lead
Fiona Kilkelly
Specialist, Creative Industries