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POSTPONED - ISCF Digital Security by Design: Technology Enabled Business-Led Demonstrator Stage 1 - London

Event details
Tuesday, 17 March 2020
9:30 am – 16:00 pm
This event aims to provide information on the scope and requirements of the competition and to help guide potentially interested applicants.

******Following yesterday’s updated Government advice to avoid non-essential travel, we have taken the decision to postpone today’s Digital Security by Design competition briefing webcast, because it involved a number of Innovate UK and KTN staff travelling to London to present in person. We hope to reschedule this to a purely online event and will be in contact again soon with further details.******


The opportunity

The ISCF Digital Security by Design (DSbD) team is launching an up to £5.8 million Expression of Interest (EOI) for UK businesses to collaborate on digital security by design business-led demonstrator projects in which an additional technology ingredient or ingredients are required.


The DSbD challenge has set an ambition to radically update the foundation of the insecure digital computing infrastructure by creating a new more secure hardware and software ecosystem. These new security capabilities will underpin future digital products and services.


Technological developments across the fast-evolving computing landscape, which are required in a secure system, create a compelling need to develop and enable additional technology ingredients to bridge the Technology Platform Prototype, which is being developed through the DSbD programme, into an applicable market demonstrator.


Expression of interest

The aim of this EOI competition, therefore, is to provide an opportunity to bring forward a technology ingredient or ingredients and allow additional time to develop, mature and integrate it into a business led demonstrator anchored on the Technology Platform Prototype hardware. This approach is expected to increase the breadth of use-cases to drive DSbD’s demonstrators and ultimately to increase pathways to market adoption and in turn to economic impact.


The EOI is the first stage of a 2-stage competition. The EOI stage was published and can be viewed here.


Briefing event

The briefing event is expected to be particularly relevant to the following organisation profiles:

  • Technology and research providers
  • Innovators developing secure products or services
  • End-users / early adopters operating in an industry sector(s) requiring secure products or services


More information about the ISCF DSbD challenge can be found here.


This event will also be available via webcast and you can register to join online here.


If you have any queries please contact Robin Kennedy or Jessica Dobbyne

KTN Events and Coronavirus

While it remains safe to do so, KTN will continue to run and attend events. Responsibility for health and safety at these events is primarily held by the venues. However, KTN will work closely with all venues and partners involved to ensure that staff, speakers and delegates are protected. You will therefore be likely to see increased hand gel, tissues, wipes and masks (where appropriate) handed out at events. 
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Follow the link below to find out more about this event and to register.

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