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ISCF Driving the Electric Revolution: Meet the Primes

The aim of the event is to define and disseminate the industry needs and requirements.

ISCF Wave 3 Driving the Electric Revolution competition for Centres is expected to open late October 2019 and the next round of CR&D funding to expected to open circa. April 2020 under the headline of High Efficiency, High Volume & Low Volume, High-Value Supply Chain Development.


Primes/Tier 1s have electrification roadmaps and are/will be expecting to make significant investments in PEMD capability. A number have expressed the desire to disseminate this information to their existing supply chain partners and potential new partners.


There is a need to begin defining future projects, build consortia and attract significant industry co-investment.


This event should be of interest to:

  • Centres bidders,
  • Lower tier supply chain businesses (micro, SMEs)
  • Research organisations.


Aim of event: The challenge for this event is to define and disseminate the industry needs and requirements (pull), in respect of electrification, from primes/tier 1s to the rest of the UK PEMD supply chain and supporting organisations to assist with:

  • CR&D project planning/defining
  • Consortia building
  • Future DER centres engagement

The event will give UK PEMD Primes/Tier 1s a platform to disseminate their requirements, relating to DER, to the PEMD supply chain:


What are i) the key themes and ii) main priorities on their technology roadmaps?
What are their current/future organisational supply chain challenges?
Do they have i) particular projects in mind relating to DER and ii) what partners would they be interested in working with?
Do they have specific desired requirements for and ii) how do they see themselves engaging with DER centres?


Follow the link below for the full event agenda and registration.

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