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Microbiome Special Interest Group & Quadram Institute Webinar

Event details
Thursday, 30 April 2020
13:00 pm – 14:00 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
Come join the KTN Microbiome Special Interest Group Webinar and hear from UK academic, Dr. Mark Webber, from the Quadram Institute.

Topic: TraDIS-Xpress; a new tool for microbiome research



Dr. Mark Webber’s research group studies how bacteria survive in different conditions. He is particularly interested in bacterial biofilms, mechanisms of antibiotic resistance and understanding bacterial behaviour in communities (including the gut microbiome). His group uses a variety of state-of-the-art molecular microbiology and functional genomics approaches to study bacterial survival and has developed new genome wide functional genomics tools. These are currently being employed to develop improved probiotics and microbiome therapies. Before joining the Quadram Institute Mark led a research group at the University of Birmingham, which he established during a BBSRC David Phillips fellowship studying the evolution of biocide-antibiotic cross resistance. He has published over 85 articles relating to antimicrobials and has acted as an editor for the Journals of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Global Antibiotic Resistance and Medical Microbiology as well as PLOS ONE. He acts as an expert adviser to the WHO and FAO in regard to antimicrobial resistance.


About the KTN Microbiome Special Interest Group:

The Microbiome Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to accelerate the commercialisation of microbiome-based products and services through community building and knowledge exchange.

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