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Nature Inspired Solutions to Industrial Challenges

Event details
Thursday, 27 February 2020
9:30 am – 18:00 pm
This event will allow delegates to network with potential collaborators and develop ideas for future projects.

In the past Biomimicry or Biomimetics started from simple imitation of natural organisms. Over time, it has evolved through integration and combination with modern science and engineering to help us discover new materials, ways of combining nano/microstructures, applications, and alternative ways of production and process design thinking leading to nature inspired or bio inspired engineering. Rather than imitating the whole plant, animal or biological process, nature-inspired solutions aim to uncover the underlying mechanisms and apply them in the design of new products, processes or systems in a structured way.


In collaboration with UCL’s Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering, this event seeks to examine challenges currently facing UK industry, to determine lessons that can be learnt from nature and where these learnings can be applied to address these challenges.


The event will bring together academics and researchers working in nature-inspired technologies, SMEs developing new solutions and larger companies with industrial challenges. The day will feature breakout discussions to address challenges in:

  • Batteries
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells
  • Solar fuels
  • Plastic recycling, reuse and packaging
  • Industrial process intensification and scalable manufacturing
  • Novel materials (applicable to at least 2 different sectors, including construction)
  • Carbon capture; CO2 sequestration & utilisation
  • Biomedical & Healthcare Engineering
  • Textiles & Fashion Industry
  • Built Environment: Construction, Architecture and Urban design


Follow the link below for the full event agenda and registration.

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