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NIS SIG launch event: Nature Inspired Solutions meet industry challenges

Event details
Join us for the first NIS SIG event

The Knowledge Transfer Network is building a new UK network, bringing together nature engineering solution providers and industry problem holders that could benefit from Nature Inspired Solutions.

Update: this event is sold out (sorry!) but you can still join the webcast on our YouTube channel! Click here to register.

What are Nature Inspired Solutions?

In the past Biomimicry or Biomimetics started from simple imitation of natural organisms. Over time, it has evolved through integration and combination with modern science and engineering to help us discover new materials, ways of combining nano/microstructures, applications, and alternative ways of production and process design thinking leading to nature inspired or bio inspired engineering. Rather than imitating the whole plant, animal or biological process, nature-inspired solutions aim to uncover the underlying mechanisms and apply them in the design of new products, processes or systems in a structured way.

This Nature Inspired Solutions Special Interest group (NIS SIG) aims to convene and grow the nature inspired solution community and accelerate innovation through cross-sector collaborations. The target application sectors are transport, infrastructure and energy.

The kick-off event on the 9th July in London will introduce the aims and objectives of the SIG and give delegates the opportunity to hear about the latest innovations in nature inspired technologies, see NIS showcases and network with leading experts in the sector.

Key industry challenges will be discussed in a facilitated workshop in the afternoon to see where nature inspired solutions might help solve problems.

Benefits of attending

  • Discover how nature inspired engineering can help you solve some of your biggest challenges
  • Seek support from the NIS community if you are a ‘challenge holder’
  • Showcase your research and demonstrate your nature inspired engineering solutions (subject to availability of space)
  • Broaden your network and make meaningful connections leading to collaboration opportunities

Draft agenda

09.30 Registration

10.00 Welcome and introduction to the NIS SIG, Monika Dunkel, KTN

10.15 Keynote: Nature-inspired Solutions for Engineering – A Transformative Methodology for Innovation – Prof. Mark-Olivier Coppens, CNIE, UCL

10.45 Keynote Industry speaker Transport – Airbus – Lee Ann Ramcherita

11.05 Nature inspired solutions – applications for Transport, Energy or Infrastructure (5 min each) – Speakers from Academia and industry to explain their showcases

  • Malica Schmidt, UCL: application for space, air conditioning, water reclaiming for buildings
  • Andrew Philippides, Univ. of Sussex: Brain on board, application for autonomous driving, robotics
  • Animal Dynamics, applications for transport, speaker TBC
  • Netta Cohen, University of Leeds, application for infrastructure
  • Richard Bomphrey, applications for aircraft, defence, RVC London
  • Ruben Kruiper, Computer-Aided Biomimetics, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh
  • Christoph Bruecker: Nature-inspired surfaces for marine and wind energy applications, City University, London

11.40 Coffee break, Showcases and networking

12.10 Industry Talk Energy / Infrastructure

12.20  Growing the bioeconomy: links between the UK Bioeconomy Strategy and nature-inspired solutions, Gillian Whitworth, Policy Officer, Bioeconomy and Plastics, BEIS

12.35  Meeting the demands of a growing city: Challenges in infrastructure, energy, transport – Daniel Rahamim, Transport for London, MPD

12.50 Industry Challenges and Needs – Mentimeter

13.05 Lunch Break, Showcases and networking

14.15 Talk Innovate UK, Zoë Webster– UK commercial opportunities NIS and funding

14.30 Workshop Industry challenges and how Nature inspired solutions can help solving them (KTN facilitated table discussions)

16.00 Wrap up and next steps – Monika Dunkel, KTN

16.30 Networking, Close