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Online Webinar - UK-Canada collaboration for High Value Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence

Event details
Friday, 7 December 2018
15:30 pm – 16:30 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
Online Webinar

Innovate UK as part of UK Research and Innovation is planning to invest up to £2.5m in business led collaboration between UK and Canadian partners to develop and de-risk pre-commercial technologies or commercially viable products and services across High Value Manufacturing (HVM). This amount will be matched by Canadian partners the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and Industrial Research Assistance Programme (IRAP). The pre-commercial technologies element of this fund will be focused, in particular, on artificial intelligence supported design of HVM technologies, processes, products and services. In order to form collaborative partnerships, Innovate UK intends to provide funding to take selected UK organisations on a mission to the Toronto area in February or March 2019, dates to be confirmed.



Funding will be available for business-led Collaborative R&D (CR&D) projects, allowing UK and Canadian partners to develop innovative ideas to be exploited in large global markets.

Innovating with Canada provides opportunities for UK businesses to:

(1) co-develop and supply innovative goods and services into the larger companies that drive the Canadian economy;


(2) increase their own technological abilities and productivity within the UK; and


(3) form strong relationships with Canadian partners to access global business opportunities jointly.



Companies who could benefit from this opportunity include:

1) Large enterprises (MNEs) or small enterprises (SMEs) looking to innovate across High Value Manufacturing. SMEs are particularly encouraged to participate from this category as well as MNEs bringing SME participants from their supply chain.


2) Organisations involved in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) in addressing a performance limiting industrial problem. Applied AI/ML may include AI for Design, AI and Supply Chain / IoT and applying AI and Vision for inspection.


3) Solution providers for High Value Manufacturing innovations, for example, providers of robotics & automation, sensors, AR/VR, cyber security, additive manufacturing, process monitoring & optimisation solutions, internet of things, predictive maintenance.


To express your interest in being part of this mission, sign up separately here.


In addition, you can register for a free webinar being organised by KTN and Innovate UK on Friday 7th December. At this webinar you will be able to find out more details about the mission and the competition.

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For more information about this event please contact our sector lead
Ben Peace
Head of Manufacturing