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Remanufacturing towards NetZero; An opportunity for manufacturers to “Build back better”

Event details
Tuesday, 28 July 2020
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
This workshop is aimed at businesses and research organisations not involved in remanufacturing, focusing on the opportunity this market offers them.

Remanufacturing offers the opportunity for manufacturers to increase the security of their supply chains, gain competitive advantage in the market, reduce their CO2 emissions and increase their corporate social responsibility and here’s why:


The UK is committed to becoming NetZero by 2050, traditional industries such as manufacturing will need to expand their activities to include NetZero initiatives to meet this target. Remanufacturing – “Returning a product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent to or better than that of the newly manufactured product” – could be a method to help achieve this.

Furthermore, as virgin resources become more expensive and scarce remanufacturing becomes an attractive option for manufacturers to build resilience in their supply chains. This concept of taking a perceived “end of life” product and reintroducing it into the supply chain is known as the circular economy and represents a large opportunity to retain the value of a product beyond its original lifespan.

Brands such as Caterpillar have already successfully introduced remanufacturing into their business models allowing them to offer the same high-quality products to their customers at reduced costs and with a shorter downtime. Overall, including remanufacturing as part of daily business has the opportunity to yield both economic and environmental benefits, as costs associated with transporting and processing raw materials is avoided.


Remanufacturing is already an established practice in the automotive sector however, more recently we have seen examples of its adoption in other industries such as furniture, medical, energy and more. There are many undiscovered sectors where remanufacturing could be applied to could your sector be one of them?

KTN, in collaboration with the University of Brighton (UoB), Innovate UK and a range of other stakeholders, are running a series of online workshops to build on existing evidence and activity with the aim of informing evidence-based policy and funding to support remanufacturing opportunities.

This particular workshop is for companies not currently involved in remanufacturing but would like to learn more about the potential benefits, opportunities and “how to” from experts.


Who should attend?

Companies and research organisations who are not currently involved in remanufacturing but wish to learn and engage with existing remanufacturers are invited to attend this webinar. During the event we will present the status of the remanufacturing sector in the UK, identify opportunities to engage in remanufacturing activities and what can be done to help you grow your business while incorporating remanufacturing into your business agenda?


At this event, attendees will:

  • Gather information about the status of remanufacturing from experts in the field
  • Learn about the opportunities and challenges facing remanufacturing
  • Earn about funding opportunities to start/grow your remanufacturing capabilities
  • Connect with other businesses engaged in remanufacturing

What to expect?

The workshops will be informative, interactive and facilitated by experts from within KTN and external collaborators.



This is your chance to learn from successful companies who have already incorporated remanufacturing as part of their everyday business activities. Influencing audiences such as Innovate UK, BEIS, DEFRA and DIT have been involved in this work to define how remanufacturing can play a part of the NetZero and “Build Back Better” agendas. Come along to learn how the KTN can help you  get involved in the huge opportunity remanufacturing has to offer.


Follow the link below to register.