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Securing Positioning, Navigation & Timing

Event details
Thursday, 14 June 2018
10:00 am – 16:00 pm
This meeting is open to all with a professional interest in resilient PNT

Event location:

The recently published Blackett report ‘Satellite-derived Time and Position: A Study of Critical Dependencies’ concludes “we must take steps to increase the resilience of our critical services in the event of GNSS disruption, including by adopting potential back-up systems where necessary”.

This technology focused seminar is designed to explore collaboratively with users and providers the need for back-up systems across all sectors and the contribution that may be made by two wide area systems (STL and eLoran) mentioned in the London Economics report:

  • Summary of the reports’ recommendations and implications
  • Gaining mutual understanding of technical needs and capabilities: open dialogue between users and providers
  • Briefings from the back-up system providers: status, pros, cons
  • Agree outline actions for assessment and potential for use of the systems


10:00 Registration

10:15 Welcome and Introduction

John Pottle, Director, Royal Institute of Navigation and Bob Cockshott, Knowledge Transfer Network and Nick Lambert, NLA Ltd

10:25 Blackett Report on Satellite-derived Time and Position: The Recommendations and Implications

Andy Proctor, Innovate UK

10:45 The User Need for a Positioning/Navigation Back-up (e.g. Maritime, Land Mobile, CAV, Rail)

John Pottle, Royal Institute of Navigation

11:05 Precise Time from GNSS – The Hidden Risks

Guy Buesnel, Spirent

11:25 Break & Networking

11:40 Trusted Timing and Cyber-Physical Systems

Deeph Chana, Institute for Security Science and Technology

12:00 Satellite Time & Location (STL) Technology Overview, Strengths and Weaknesses, Implementation Status

John Fischer, Oroli/Spectracom

12:30 Q&A Open Session on STL – Timing and Positioning/Navigation Capabilities

13:00 Lunch & Networking

13:45 Enhanced Loran Technology Overview, Strengths & Weaknesses, Implementation Status

Chuck Schue, UrsaNav

14:15 Q&A Open Session on eLoran – Timing and Positioning/Navigation Capabilities

14:45 Break & Networking

15:00 Breakout Groups – Open Dialogue of Needs and Technology Capabilities, and Actions for Assessment and Potential Use

15:30 Plenary – Summary from each group

15:50 Workshop Summary

Nick Lambert, NLA Ltd

16:00 Close 

This meeting is open to all with a professional interest in resilient PNT and is free to attend thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.  

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For more information about this event please contact our sector lead
Bob Cockshott
KTM, Position, Navigation & Timing and Quantum