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Small Business Acceleration Drop-in Day 3

Event details
Thursday, 24 May 2018
9:00 am – 16:30 pm
The drop-in days are one-to-one meetings by appointment with you and representatives from the Innovate UK family.


Following the successes of the London small business drop-in days, the Innovate UK family have been asked to organise more with regular frequency.  The drop-in days are one-to-one meetings by appointment with you and representatives from the Innovate UK family (the Knowledge Transfer Network, the Enterprise Europe Network, a Catapult and Innovate UK themselves).  As this drop-in day will focus on the Circular economy, the High Value Manufacturing Catapult have been invited to attend each appointment, as well as the Ellen McArthur Foundation (tbc).

Who is this day for.

Many business and research organisations are developing products and services that will highlight innovation within the circular economy sector.  Having a dialogue with organisations like the EEN and the KTN often accelerates the pace of this strategy.  So organisations that would benefit from a meeting will be seeking

       New collaborators and partners

       Secondary markets for established offerings

       Business growth and strategy sanity checking.

       Funding and finance to drive forward their innovation and growth plans.


You can apply for a meeting slot through the registration process where meetings will be confirmed in writing around a week before the 24th of May.  The KTN may call you post confirmation to clarify aspects of your meeting request. Meetings will last only an hour and you need only attend for the duration of the meeting. At the meeting you will have some time to outline your company and set out the challenge that is inhibiting you from accelerating your strategy.

Those assembled should be in a position to table potential solutions to the challenges you are facing. These may range from suggestions for potential new collaborators, discussions around new markets needing your solution, or indeed a technical solution needed and where could it be found. The topics are open and wide-ranging.

If this sounds like just the thing you need, register your interest for meeting on the link below.  You can and select at time to come and see us.

To Note

  • Demand for meeting slots is very high so it is necessary for your expression of interest to be subject to a validation phone call from the KTN.
  • This is not a full day event.  You will only need to attend at the agreed meeting time.

Sector Interests for discussion

       Smart waste recycling systems.

       Processing of waste for reuse

       Applications for waste including plastic and metals

       Circular Economy initiatives and incentives for community scale programmes