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STFC Bridging for Innovators Agri-Food Roadshow

Event details
Wednesday, 14 November 2018
9:30 am – 17:30 pm
Learn about STFC support to help boost productively in agriculture, food and drink companies at the B4I Agri-food Roadshow event.

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On Wednesday 14 November the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) will be hosting an event to show how they can help address current challenges in the agri-food sector and stimulate new products in agriculture, food and drink industry.

This event offers agri-food companies, who would like to overcome problems that restrict their potential productivity and competitiveness, an opportunity to discuss their challenges with STFC experts and learn how to access some of the £8m in funding available to this programme.


What does STFC have to offer?

STFC funds and operates a number of large science facilities offering research and development access to commercial users and can provide access to advanced experimental and computational tools to address challenges in all aspects of the food production and packaging supply chain. For example, they have assisted the likes of Unilever and Syngenta to overcome difficult technical challenges and added value to these companies. You can find out more about STFC’s capabilities here.


Why should you attend the STFC Bridging for Innovators Agri-Food Roadshow?

  • Learn about funding opportunities
  • Talk to the coordinators of the B4I funding scheme
  • Discuss your challenge with world leading scientists
  • Identify potential projects with STFC experts
  • Understand how to access leading edge research infrastructure
  • Partake in the facility tour at Harper Adams University, including the Dairy Crest Innovation Centre, Poultry and crop and environment research centres
  • Network with other agri-food companies



The programme for this unique event is designed to help agri-food companies gain a fresh perspective on their productivity and competitiveness challenges and explain how they can access STFC funding and expert support to scale up.

The agenda also features a keynote presentation by the ISCF Transforming Food Production Interim Co-Director, Andy Cureton, case studies from industry partners who have already benefited from using STFC’s facilities and expertise, opportunities for networking, 1:1 meetings with STFC experts, and tours of Harper Adams University’s science and research facilities.

OpenSimon Baty, Knowledge Transfer Manager – Agri-Food, KTN

Introduction to the Science and Technologies Research Council (STFC)Professor Ric Allott, Director of Business Development, STFC

STFC industrial case studies in agriculture, food and drink:

*  Harry Baraza, Relationship Development Director, LGC

*  Christopher Nankervis, CTO & Founder, Weather Logistics Ltd

STFC capabilities relevant to agriculture, food and drink – a series of short presentations by STFC Experts

Lunch and networking

Keynote Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund: Transforming Food Production – Andy Cureton, Interim Co-Director, ISCF Transforming Food Production at UK Research and Innovation

Integrating STFC expertise for achieving food supply chain resilienceProfessor Simon Pearson, Director of the Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology (LIAT), University of Lincoln and Dr Sonal Choudhary, Lecturer in Sustainable Management at Sheffield University Management School

Embracing complexityProfessor John W. Crawford, Integrated Solutions Lab Flagship Leader, Rothamsted Research

STFC Food Network+ (SFN)Professor Sarah Bridle, University of Manchester and STFC Food Network+

Company pitches on their technical challenges – session 1

Bridging for Innovators (B4I) Programme – how to gain free access to STFC expertise and equipment – Dr Ling Xu, Innovations Programme Manager, STFC


Company pitches on their technical challenges – session 2

Poster presentations and networking

One-to-one meetings with STFC experts

Tours of Harper Adams University’s science and research facilities


Who should attend?

  • Problem holders and those looking to overcome issues limiting the productivity of their organisation
  • Organisation technical leads
  • Organisation decision makers


How can STFC help the Agri-Food industry?

You can learn more about the ways that agriculture, food and drink companies have improved their productivity and solved challenges through collaborating with STFC by reading case studies:

Other agri-food projects that have leveraged the advanced experimental and computational tools available through STFC’s facilities include:

Food and drink:

  • Investigating the microstructures of food snacks
  • Optimising supply chains to reduce food waste
  • Portable measurement of fruit juice quality
  • Heavy metal detection and distribution in rice
  • Non-destructive testing to determine fruit quality


  • Continuous ammonia monitoring for agriculture
  • Using drones to gather multispectral image data to measure crop quality
  • Remote sensing of soil water content
  • Automated fruit ripeness measurements
  • Forecasting agricultural crop yields


About the funding

Bridging for Innovators (B4I) is a programme run by STFC to support UK industry to overcome challenging product, manufacturing or process performance. Accessing their unique laboratories and engaging with world class researchers, you will develop projects that address your specific challenge and help you make a step-change to your business. Full details of scope, eligibility and application process are available here. For further information on Bridging for Innovators please contact


* Programme may be subject to change.

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