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Sustainable aviation fuel: First Friday Research Highlights

Event details
Friday, 1 June 2018
12:00 pm – 12:40 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
Webinar series to highlight and question research areas in the sustainable aviation fuel supply chain

Join us in a series of lunchtime talks to highlight the research areas key to supporting the creation of the UK sustainable aviation fuel supply chain.

Running on the first Friday of the month, you will hear from a selection of themed talks followed by an opportunity to ask questions and stimulate dialogue. Aimed at businesses, researchers, policy makers and investors, the research programme will support the development of collaborations and inform stakeholders of UK’s innovative research capability.

First Friday Research Highlights are being delivered by KTN’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Special Interest Group (SAF SIG), a two year programme sponsored by Innovate UK, Department for Transport and Sustainable Aviation. You can find out more about the SAF SIG and receive email and newsletter alerts on funding, news and events relating to SAF at

Follow us on Twitter @KTN_SAFSIG and join the LinkedIn Group.

To listen to a webinar, you must register for the date/s you are interested in. Please note, to register for multiple webinars, you must do so separately. A list of speakers per date can be found below and will be updated regularly.


Friday 1 June 2018

Peter Clark from KTN will welcome:

Alex Cowan, Liverpool University: Generating sustainable fuels from carbon dioxide by electrocatalysis – progress and outlook

Mike Bowker, Cardiff University: ‘Green’ fuels from non-fossil fuel sources

Tony Lopez-Sanchez, Liverpool University: 

“Plastic and biomass conversion to aviation fuels: research opportunities at the University of Liverpool.” In this talk, they will introduce some of their current research work and interests in technologies that contribute to the development of renewable aviation fuels. In particular, in collaboration with industrial and academic partners they develop catalysts for the hydrotreating of pyrolysis oil derived from either biomass or end-of-life plastics. They also work on developing catalysts for the conversion of carbohydrates to DMF or gamma- valerolactone among other related transfromations. Access and utilisation of microwave reactor technology and high-trhoughput robotics within br MicroBioRefinery and the Materials Innovation Factory will be highlighted.

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