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The Future of Work in VR: Training the Next Workforce

Event details
Thursday, 21 May 2020
16:00 pm – 18:00 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
Join us to discuss the adoption of VR in the workplace and hear from a number of VR solution experts.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has pushed us all to think about working more effectively from home, both now and in the future. What will XR’s role be in this coming societal shift?

Vive & Immerse UK have teamed up to speak to the innovators and implementers who are best placed to usher in this new future for work.

The speakers at this first event will be highlighting how businesses can use VR for meetings, training, education, large scale events, and the analysis of BIM data & geospatial data.


For this session we’ll be joined by the following engaging speakers:

  • HTC lead for VIVE Sync, David Sapienza
  • Founder of Engage, David Whelan
  • CEO of Dimension10, Aleksander Langmyhr
  • Founder & CEO of Imaged Reality, Claudia Ruiz-Graham


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