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Trusted Open Models for Manufacturing

Event details
Tuesday, 11 June 2019
12:00 pm – 15:40 pm
Trusted Open Models for Manufacturing: Practical AI & Computational Modelling to Enable Industry 4.0 

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This workshop will present a typical HVM production line and explore the issues associated with integration of technology associated with artificial intelligence into the line. Motivated by the growth in technology which applies AI within the HVM sector in the context of Industry 4.0, the speakers will discuss best practice and future research, taking a computational models perspective.

Background: The Trusted and Open Models Institute (TOMI) is a group focused on the development of open and trusted / explainable models for the use in applications that use AI technology. TOMI is led by the Hartree Centre, GCHQ and the University of Brunel. Working with WMG the group have developed this workshop to target the need within the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) sector for reusable and open models.

As industry is driven toward the adoption of technology to aid greater automation and intelligence in production lines the need for guidance in how to choose and implement these technologies has become acute. For the wider UK HVM a guided embrace of these technologies will enable industry to get optimal impact from this adoption of what is commonly referred to as Industry 4.0 technology.

From a UK Government perspective a grand challenge of the industrial strategy is to put the UK at the forefront of the Computational Modelling (CM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution [1, 2]. Thus the development of infrastructure to expand capability within the CM and its concomitant AI sector is central to this. This is where TOMI fits in and to support the adoption of CM and AI technologies within industry to ensure both trust and transparency within these technologies.

12:00 Registration & Lunch
13:00 Setting the Scene: Facility Tour
13:30 AI & Computational Modelling in Manufacturing: Approaches and Challenges
14:00 The Case for Open Models: TOMI for Manufacturing
14:20 4D Models in Manufacturing
14:40 Use Cases
15:00 Collaboration Opportunities
15:20 Wrap Up and Close


[1] Computational modelling: Blackett review