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Turning Data into Decisions in AgriFood

Event details
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 at 9:00 am
Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PS, United Kingdom
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Harnessing the power of Big Data to generate new insights, practices and products is one of the key priorities of today's AgriFood supply chain.

The production, processing, and distribution of agri-food products has become much more data reliant in recent years.

For example, by collecting and analysing data farmers can optimise inputs such as fertilisers, and adjust crop and land management regimes in response to variations between the fields, crop varieties, and climatic conditions. In food manufacturing major players such as IBM and Mars are using big data to improve food safety, by developing an index of foodborne diseases which will aid understanding of the triggers of contamination and the spread of foodborne diseases. At the product delivery end of the agri-food supply chain suppliers are able to refine their marketing strategies based on purchasing patterns and demographic breakdowns using data from millions of consumers.

However, there remain a number of challenges in using data in the agri-food sector, and turning this data into effective decisions. There is already a large amount of knowledge and numerous tools have been developed to facilitate the use of data in agriculture, but a disruptive innovation is needed to make better use of these knowledge and tools. The successful integration of data sets to create added value will require common pool investments into data sharing platforms, data standards, and infrastructure.

SCI’s Agrisciences Group and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) are organising an event on 22nd November in London to focus on key needs of the agri-food sector in using data, discuss the existing barriers, and present a number of potential solutions and joint initiatives.

It is anticipated that this event will be of interest to:

  • agri-food companies
  • machinery and equipment manufacturers
  • companies developing and using sensors
  • organisations with large data sets related to the AgriFood supply chain
  • ICT companies
  • software developers
  • data analytics companies
  • farm and agronomy advisers
  • producer organisations
  • retailers
  • input manufacturers and distributers (seeds, crop protection)
  • academic organisations working on data acquisition, analysis and software development
  • regulators and government departments



The event will cover the following themes

  • Why we need data and how to make them meaningful;
  • Examples of data collected from sensors and connected devices, and software applications for data analysis and integration;
  • Data analysis, integration, role of machine learning and power computing;
  • Data modelling e.g. for use in financial models and models related to the environment and climate;
  • Using data for decision making. e.g. development of software for customer interface, and integrating data with AgriFood practice;
  • Data sharing platforms and standards;
  • Governance around data ownership, privacy, and security


Pitch Presentations

All pitch presentation slots have now been filled. However, there is still the opportunity to present a poster.



Opportunities are available for a limited number of posters. Interested applicants should send a maximum one A4 page or 300 words indicating title and authors to by Friday 27th October 2017 with the subject line “Turning Data into Decisions in AgriFood – poster submission”.


Exhibition and Sponsorship

An exhibition will take place alongside the conference during refreshment breaks for companies and related organisations who may wish to exhibit. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. For further information and prices, please email Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Early bird fees end on Friday 27 Oct 2017.