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UK Catalysis Special Interest Group: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Workshop - London

Event details
Wednesday, 2 October 2019
9:30 am – 16:30 pm
KTN are running a workshop to conduct a deep dive into the pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges and opportunities for catalysis within the UK

Following on from initial work exploring the opportunities for the acceleration of catalysis innovation within the UK, Innovate UK and KTN established a UK Catalysis Special Interest Group (SIG) to conduct further scoping activities. As part of the Innovate UK / KTN SIG for UK Catalysis, the KTN are running a workshop on the 2nd October to conduct a deep dive into the pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges and opportunities for catalysis within the UK.


Catalysis has been recognised as an underpinning and essential part of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and the acceleration of innovation within catalysis has the potential to drive significant step changes in productivity. The SIG presents an opportunity to further develop how catalysis innovation can have an impact on manufacturing and the associated supply chains. Innovation in catalysis can impact the production of sustainable chemicals, agrichemicals, energy, fuels, pharmaceuticals, smart materials, composites, sustainable polymers and water treatment.


The aim of this workshop is to explore specific pharmaceutical manufacturing opportunities in detail and to identify how accelerating innovation in all types of catalysis can provide added value to UK along the supply chains through exploitation in existing and new products and processes. The workshop will be also looking for opportunities for cross sector working, for example, agrichemicals and speciality/fine chemicals.

Examples of Pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges for the workshop are:

1. Smart Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals

  • New catalyst design for continuous manufacturing
  • New catalyst design for Pseudo continuous manufacturing

2. Catalysts for new Chemistries

3. Faster development cycles

  • HTE and predictive modelling

Who should attend?

This workshop will bring together academia, manufacturers, catalyst producers, technology providers and associated supply-chains. The event will focus on key pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges where there are opportunities for accelerating the translation of catalysis innovation from late stage research through to commercialisation and delivering value to delivering benefit for UK industry.  People from other sectors where there are opportunities for cross-sector working, such as agrichemicals and speciality fine chemicals, should also attend.


Benefits of attending

Attending this workshop will benefit those who wish to have an opportunity to dive deeper into key pharmaceutical challenges and define how catalysis innovation can be leveraged to deliver benefits for the UK



After introduction and scene setting presentations the day will consist of workshop sessions conducting a deep-dive into key pharmaceutical manufacturing opportunities which will identify the UK’s strengths in existing state of the art capabilities and exploring future opportunities along with the barriers and threats to adopting new innovations. A detailed agenda and the deep-dive challenges will follow.



Please note, places for this event are limited and if the meeting is oversubscribed, places will be prioritised and we may need to limit number of representatives from any one organisation.



The organisers reserve the right to amend/cancel the event, do not book any travel until you receive confirmation that you have been formally allocated a place to attend direct from the KTN.


All best endeavours will be made to undertake the event as shown above. However, the event organisers reserve the right to alter or cancel, without prior notice, any of the arrangements, timetable or plans relating directly or indirectly to the event. The event organisers are not liable for any loss or inconvenience caused as a result of such alterations.