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Webinar: Analysis for Innovators R3

Event details
Wednesday, 15 August 2018
14:00 pm – 15:00 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
Limited Time Opportunity! Analysis for Innovators R3 – Mini Projects

Innovate UK and its partners (NPL, LGC, NEL, STFC) are planning to run another round of the successful Analysis for Innovators (A4I) programme very soon.

As there will be a limited period for applications this pre-briefing information is designed to prepare businesses, especially SMEs, to be as ready and prepared as possible for this opportunity when it becomes available.

A4I is a very different programme from Innovate UK – as it is designed to help UK businesses address difficult problems that restrict their potential productivity and competitiveness.  The scope is very wide (chemical, physical, biological and computing) but the problems must be of a measurement or analysis nature.  This round of A4I will be designed to give companies a head start on addressing problems, using shorter mini projects, which may lead to further opportunities in later A4I rounds.

In order to learn more and be prepared when this opportunity opens, we recommend that you attend the webinar at 2pm on Wednesday 15th August to learn:

  • What the A4I programme is and, in particular, how the next round will work
  • How you will be able to apply for projects
  • What problems it can address
  • Eligibility of companies to apply
  • Actions you can take now to prepare for problem submission
  • Who you can contact for more information prior to opening