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Webinar: Packaging solutions suitable for reuse, refill and online delivery (Expression of Interest)

Event details
Thursday, 25 June 2020
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
UKCPN & KTN will be hosting a series of workshops to support collaboration for the next Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging competitions this summer.

The UK Circular Plastics Network (UKCPN) is pleased to announce that it will be holding a series of workshops via webinars in order to generate and support collaboration for the next funding competitions which will be released from the Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging challenge this summer.


The rest of the workshop series will run weekly from 30th April and will cover the following topics:

Collaboration workshops

30 April 2020 – Realising food grade PP in the UK marketplace
07 May 2020 – Compostable packaging – what are the solutions for EoL?
14 May 2020 – Small format and medical packaging – solutions to divert from incineration
21 May 2020 – Low carbon non fossil polymers for packaging applications
28 May 2020 – Business models leading to reduced waste plastic going to landfill
04 June 2020 – Behaviour change leading to less packaging waste
11 June 2020 – Marking and tracking of packaging to make the supply chain more sustainable
18 June 2020 – Solutions for Films and flexibles in packaging applications
25 June 2020 – Packaging solutions suitable for reuse, refill and online delivery


These events will run over the course of a morning.  The agenda for each event will cover the scope of the Smart Sustainable Plastics Packaging Challenge and the WRAP Pact targets.


There will then be an opportunity to meet virtually with your co-attendees and then work together in an interactive focussed workshop session to generate some ideas for the solutions for each of the themed events.

We will also be providing delegates with access to our online networking platform throughout the duration of the webinar series, to enable further collaboration.


To start the series, we are inviting you to attend this one off. open session, being held to determine some of the factors affecting the ability for the plastics community to function in the current Covid-19 crisis.

24 April 2020 – How is Covid-19 affecting your polymer supply chain?


Follow the link below to register.

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