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Women in Innovation: Building Success - Working Parents

Event details
Monday, 27 July 2020
13:00 pm – 14:00 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
Cutting ourselves some slack in 2020 & beyond: looking at being a working parent through a more compassionate lens.

Being a working parent inevitably brings with it a constantly evolving, never-ending set of demands and expectations as parents work hard to accommodate the needs of two competing contexts.

It is a tough gig and it can be all too easy to be self-critical as you keep spinning the numerous plates that make up your life. What would it be like if we could be more self-compassionate and thoughtful as we navigate this most challenging of roles?

Using some well known and easily applied models and asking questions that come from a coaching perspective, this webinar is an opportunity to step back and reflect on how life is for you as a working parent, what you can celebrate and what you may like to change or do differently.

This webinar forms part of the Women in Innovation Programme: however attendance is not restricted, and all genders are welcome!

The Building Success webinar series has been designed to provide practical advice and tools for women innovators. The series explores topics ranging from marketing through to intellectual property, funding & finance and HR & recruitment. Click here for more information on the series and previous webinars.


Victoria Coxen
Leadership and Systemic Team Coach

Victoria has worked across borders, industries and functions blending in-house strategic and operational execution with management consultancy in ‘Big Six’ and boutique consultancies and coaching. This has given Victoria multi-sector experience with resilience and breadth to tackle substantial people challenges.  She focuses on the human touch to  balance commercial goals with well-being and making working life enjoyable.

Nic Willcocks
Personal & Professional Development Coach Facilitator

With varied and interesting work history that has included finance, HR and education, Nic has always been involved in people development and has strongly held beliefs that individuals should be valued, invested in and encouraged to harness their potential. Nic’s areas of interest include how to  navigate professional or personal transitions to thrive and flourish. She works with parents who want to be even better parents, mothers who are focussed on their professional development, and people who are keen to develop their resilience and wellbeing to sustain them at home and work.