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Horizon 2020: 2018-2020 Digitising and Transforming European Industry (H2020-DT-ART-2018-2019-2020)

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04 Dec 2018, 17:00
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25 Apr 2019, 17:00
25 Apr 2019, 17:00
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Horizon 2020

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Significant progress has been made in key technologies for innovative connected and automated driving (CAD) functions and applications (e.g. advanced vehicle control, vehicle localization systems, data processing, artificial intelligence, user interfaces, etc.). Many demonstration projects are already ongoing where automated driving functions are tested in different use cases. The previous call on “Automated Road Transport” in the Transport Workprogramme 2016/17 focused on vehicles with functions for automated driving level 3, which are expected to enter the market in the next few years.

The overall objective of this call is to promote a wide market introduction of highly automated driving systems towards SAE level 4 (High Automation: “the driving mode-specific performance by an automated driving system of all aspects of the dynamic driving task, even if a human driver does not respond appropriately to a request to intervene”). The call will focus on large-scale demonstrations to test the performance and safety of innovative highly automated driving systems for passenger cars, efficient freight transport operations and shared mobility services in urban areas. Furthermore the changing role of the driver and how to account for it by human centred design of automated vehicles will be addressed.

The Call 2018-2020 Automated Road Transport is part of the Focus Area “Digitising and transforming European industry and services”. Demonstrations will look at testing the use of digital, connectivity as well as satellite navigation technologies for optimised connected and automated driving functions (including the EGNOS and Galileo). Digital technologies, such as Big Data, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence techniques provide a great potential for developing innovative automated driving functions and mobility solutions for the future. Communication and cooperation of automated vehicles with other vehicles, infrastructure and other road users can increase the safety, comfort, productivity and the enabling of innovative business models of automated vehicles and improve the efficiency of the overall transport system.

This call for proposals includes the following topics. Click on the topic to link directly to the Participant Portal.

DT-ART-03-2019: Human centred design for the new driver role in highly automated vehicles

DT-ART-04-2019: Developing and testing shared, connected and cooperative automated vehicle fleets in urban areas for the mobility of all

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