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Horizon 2020 CALL: Building a Low-Carbon, Climate Resilient Future: Next Generation Batteries (H2020-LC-BAT-2019-2020)

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09 Jul 2019, 09:00
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16 Jan 2020, 17:00
16 Jan 2020, 17:00
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Horizon 2020

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In the wake of the Paris agreement (COP21), as well as the EU 2020 and EU 2050 targets, there is a need for significant reductions in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions in a short time span. Electric batteries are currently seen as important technological enablers to drive the transition towards a de-carbonised society, by integration of renewable and clean energy sources (such as wind energy and photovoltaics) in the electricity grid, and, in particular, by electrification of transport. Energy storage is the common denominator: it includes both electro-mobility and stationary applications despite the different constraints applying to each of these applications in real life.

Electric batteries have recently achieved considerable improvements in terms of their technical performance (such as energy density, power density, thermal stability and durability) and economic affordability. Such improvements are major contributors to the successful introduction of electric vehicles (which are becoming cheaper and have longer range) and of stationary energy storage systems. But for a successful mass introduction of electrified mobility and renewable and clean energy systems with market competitive performances and – in the case of electric vehicles – fast charging capability, substantial improvements of the electric battery technologies are required.

This call for proposals includes the following topics:

Opened 9 July 2019, Closes 16 January 2020

Novel methodologies for autonomous discovery of advanced battery chemistries LC-BAT-12-2020

Sensing functionalities for smart battery cell chemistries LC-BAT-13-2020

Self-healing functionalities for long lasting battery cell chemistries LC-BAT-14-2020

Coordinate and support the large scale research initiative on Future Battery Technologies LC-BAT-15-2020


Opens 3 December 2019, Closes 21 April 2020

Next generation and realisation of battery packs for BEV and PHEV LC-BAT-10-2020

Reducing the cost of large batteries for waterborne transport LC-BAT-11-2020

Next-generation batteries for stationary energy storage LC-BAT-8-2020

Hybridisation of battery systems for stationary energy storage LC-BAT-9-2020


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