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Horizon 2020 CALL: Competitive, Low Carbon and Circular Industries (H2020-LOW-CARBON-CIRCULAR-INDUSTRIES-2020)

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03 Jul 2019, 09:00
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05 Feb 2020, 17:00
05 Feb 2020, 17:00
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Horizon 2020

*** Please refer to the Participant Portal for up to date and correct information. *** 


This call addresses research challenges related to the Circular Economy – a priority since the 2015 Circular Economy Action Plan – as well as to reaching carbon neutral industries as set out in the November 2018 Commission Communication “A Clean Planet for all– A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy”.

This call for proposals includes the following topics:

Opened 3 July 2019, Closes 5 February 2020

ERA-NET on materials, supporting the circular economy and Sustainable Development Goals CE-NMBP-41-2020

Materials life cycle sustainability analysis CE-NMBP-42-2020

Raw materials innovation for the circular economy: sustainable processing, reuse, recycling and recovery schemes CE-SC5-07-2020

Raw materials policy support actions for the circular economy – Expert network on Critical Raw Materials CE-SC5-08-2020

Develop, implement and assess a circular economy oriented product information management system for complex products from cradle to cradle CE-SC5-31-2020

Tapping into the potential of Industrial Symbiosis CE-SPIRE-01-2020

Preserving fresh water: recycling industrial waters industry CE-SPIRE-07-2020

Alternative mineral resources for high volume production (IA) CE-SPIRE-09-2020


Opens 5 May 2020, Closes 1 September 2020

Industrial (Waste) Heat-to-Power conversion LC-SC3-CC-9-2020

Low carbon industrial production using CCUS LC-SC3-NZE-5-2020



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