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Horizon 2020 CALL: FET Proactive - High Performance Computing (H2020-FETHPC-2018-2020)

Funding details
Registration opens
19 Nov 2019, 09:00
Registration closes
22 Apr 2020, 17:00
22 Apr 2020, 17:00
Up to €500k
Horizon 2020

From the Future and Emerging Technologies Work Programme

*** Please refer to the Participant Portal for up to date and correct information. ***


The HPC FET Proactive initiative aims to create a world-class European HPC ecosystem, by developing leading-class technology and solutions towards exascale performance for ambitious scientific/engineering applications and services. By benefiting from the convergence of HPC, Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies, the HPC ecosystem will provide innovative, usable and competitive solutions that will upraise Europe’s scientific capabilities and industrial competitiveness.


This call for proposals includes the following topics. Click on the topic to link directly to the Participant Portal.

Opens 19 November 2019, Closes 22 April 2020

International Cooperation on HPC FETHPC-04-2020

Specific Challenge:
The aim is to develop a strategic partnership in HPC with Latin America enabling closer research cooperation in HPC.


  • Develop a roadmap for increased future research cooperation in HPC
  • Identify key HPC application areas and hardware/system requirements per Latin-American country
  • Identify relevant national, regional and international funding schemes of HPC in Latin America
  • Organise meetings, thematic workshops and summer schools in areas of common interest
  • Promote the exchange of best practices between the European and Latin-American HPC research communities
  • Improve links between the European and Latin-American HPC research communities

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of up to EUR 0.50 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

Expected Impact:

  • Development of a realistic HPC research cooperation roadmap with clearly identified application areas, hardware/system requirements and funding schemes
  • Improved international cooperation of EU and Latin American research and industrial communities on advanced HPC application development.
  • Improved sharing of information and expertise to solve common societal problems with the use of advanced computing.

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