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Horizon 2020: EIC Horizon Prize for 'Fuel from the Sun: Artificial Photosynthesis' (H2020-SUNFUEL-EICPRIZE-2021)

Funding details
Registration opens
12 Dec 2017, 17:00
Registration closes
03 Feb 2021, 17:00
03 Feb 2021, 17:00
Horizon 2020

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Artificial photosynthesis is widely considered to be among the most promising new technologies to deliver sustainable alternatives to current fuel supplies. Due to its ability to use a combination of sunlight, water and carbon from the air to produce energy, artificial photosynthesis is regarded as a potential breakthrough energy technology. It can be used to produce hydrogen or carbon-based fuels – collectively referred to as “solar fuels” – which offer an efficient and transportable means of storage of solar energy. Solar energy, in turn, can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels and as a feedstock for a wide range of industrial processes.

The device to be built needs to integrate the whole process from light capture to fuel production and be capable of powering a small engine. The production of fuel in the form of hydrogen and the use of conventional photovoltaic cells for the light harvesting process or to collect light and electrolysers are not permitted.

For the purpose of this prize, artificial photosynthesis (AP) is understood to be a process that aims at mimicking the physical chemistry of natural photosynthesis by absorbing solar energy in the form of photons. The solution is required to use this energy to generate fuel molecules through a synthetic system to be delivered as a single integrated device that utilises either biomimetic, nanotechnology, synthetic biology or a combination of these systems.

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Sunfuel-EICPrize-2021: EIC Horizon Prize for ‘Fuel from the Sun: Artificial Photosynthesis’


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