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Horizon 2020: H2020-JTI-IMI2-2017-13-TWO-STAGE

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30 Nov 2017, 17:00
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06 Sep 2018, 17:00
06 Sep 2018, 17:00
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Horizon 2020

*** Please refer to the Participant Portal (Links Below) for up to date and correct information. ***


The goal of IMI, particularly in its second phase (IMI2, 2014-2020) is to develop next generation vaccines, medicines and treatments, such as new antibiotics. Our projects will provide Europeans, including the increasing numbers of older people, with more efficient and effective medicines and treatments. Greater coordination across industry sectors will result in more reliable and faster clinical trials, and better regulation. Our research and innovation efforts will also open new commercial possibilities based on new services and products. The research, industry and societal sectors involved in IMI2 will benefit from the cooperation and knowledge sharing which take place in these projects.

This call for proposals includes many topics. Two-stage deadline: 28 February 2018 and 06 September 2018.

IMI2-2017-13-01 – Assessment of the uniqueness of diabetic cardiomyopathy relative to other forms of heart failure using unbiased pheno-mapping approaches
IMI2-2017-13-02 – Genome-Environment Interactions in Inflammatory Skin Disease
IMI2-2017-13-03 – The value of diagnostics to combat antimicrobial resistance by optimising antibiotic use
IMI2-2017-13-04 – Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Neurodegeneration
IMI2-2017-13-05 – Support and coordination action for the projects of the Neurodegeneration area of the Innovative Medicines Initiative
IMI2-2017-13-06 – A sustainable European induced pluripotent stem cell platform
IMI2-2017-13-07 – Linking digital assessment of mobility to clinical endpoints to support regulatory acceptance and clinical practice
IMI2-2017-13-08 – Human Tumour Microenvironment Immunoprofiling
IMI2-2017-13-09 – ConcePTION – Continuum of Evidence from Pregnancy Exposures, Reproductive Toxicology and Breastfeeding to Improve Outcomes Now
IMI2-2017-13-10: Improving the preclinical prediction of adverse effects of pharmaceuticals on the nervous system
IMI2-2017-13-11: Translational Safety Biomarker Pipeline (TransBioLine): Enabling development and implementation of novel safety biomarkers in clinical trials and diagnosis of disease
IMI2-2017-13-12: Pilot programme on a Clinical Compound Bank for Repurposing: Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
IMI2-2017-13-13: Pilot programme on a Clinical Compound Bank for Repurposing: Respiratory diseases
IMI2-2017-13-14: Pilot programme on a Clinical Compound Bank for Repurposing: Neurodegenerative diseases
IMI2-2017-13-15: Pilot programme on a Clinical Compound Bank for Repurposing: Rare/orphan diseases

For full details of the calls for proposals, please click the Register button below to link directly to the Participant Portal.