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Horizon 2020: Science with and for Society

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12 Apr 2017, 12:00
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30 Aug 2017, 12:00
Horizon 2020

Call identifier: H2020-SWAFS-2016-17


The ‘Science with and for Society’ programme will be instrumental in addressing the European societal challenges tackled by Horizon 2020, building capacities and developing innovative ways of connecting science to society. It will make science more attractive (notably to young people), increase society’s appetite for innovation, and open up further research and innovation activities.

It allows all societal actors (researchers, citizens, policy makers, business, third sector organisations etc.) to work together during the whole research and innovation process in order to better align both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of European society. This approach to research and innovation is called Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Expected Results

Against this background, the main objectives for 2016-17 for SwafS are the following:

  • Implement institutional changes that foster RRI in R&I organisations: Past pilot
    activities have shown great potential for the future, notably by establishing good
    practices, but there are still bottlenecks to suppress (e.g. in terms of knowledge,
    behaviours, and spreading of good practices) in public and private governance
    frameworks, notably in RFOs and RPOs;
  • Extend and update Science with and for Society and RRI knowledge base: Although
    there is a good knowledge base regarding the relationships between science and society
    and while actions can be already taken in a number of domains, this knowledge base
    shall be extended and constantly updated. Support will be provided to embed RRI within the ERA.

This call for proposals includes the following topics. Click on the topic to link directly to the Participant Portal.

SwafS-03-2016-2017: Support to research organisations to implement gender equality plans

SwafS-05-2017: New constellations of Changing Institutions and Actors

SwafS-06-2017: Engaging industry – Champions for RRI in Industrial Sectors

SwafS-08-2017: European Community of Practice to support institutional change

SwafS-10-2017: Putting Open Science into action

SwafS-11-2017: Science education outside the classroom

SwafS-12-2017: Webs of Innovation Value Chains and Openings for RRI

SwafS-13-2017: Integrating Society in Science and Innovation – An approach to co-creation

SwafS-14-2017: A Linked-up Global World of RRI

SwafS-21-2017: Promoting integrity in the use of research results in evidence based policy: a focus on non-medical research

SwafS-22-2017: The ethical dimensions of IT technologies: a European perspective focusing on security and human rights aspects

SwafS-23-2017: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in support of sustainability and governance, taking account of the international context

SwafS-24-2017: Trans-national operation of the EURAXESS Service network

SwafS-26-2017: Science4Refugees – Support to highly skilled refugee scientists

SwafS-27-2017: Implementing a European Train-the-trainers initiative with regard to Ethics and Research Integrity

For full details of the calls for proposals, please click the Register button below to link directly to the Participant Portal.

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