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Networks to build interdisciplinary communities to address air quality challenges at the indoor/outdoor interface

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21 Oct 2019, 00:00
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05 Dec 2019, 00:00
21 Oct 2019, 00:00
Up to £3m is available to fund approximately six clean air networks at up to 0.5m (80% FEC) each.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) invites proposals for interdisciplinary networks under the second wave of the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) Clean Air programme.

The aim of the second wave of funding is to equip the UK to proactively tackle new and emerging air quality challenges related to changing emissions and exposure patterns and impacts on vulnerable groups of people. The programme objectives are to:

  • Build a new UK interdisciplinary community at the interface of indoor/outdoor air quality emissions, exposure and health impacts.
  • Deliver new knowledge that provides critical foresight on emerging air pollution challenges and associated health risks, and enables us to better understand and quantify human behavioural change and practices and how to influence through communication and technology interventions in order to limit exposure routes and mitigate health risks at vulnerable stages of the life course.
  • Provide consistent, evidence-based advice for stakeholders through open data and tools in order to stimulate policy and regulatory innovation.
  • Stimulate business-led innovation for sustainable products and services to protect health at the indoor/outdoor interface and grow UK businesses.

The networks are not expected to deliver these activities, but rather start to build the interdisciplinary research and stakeholder community that can address these challenges.

The funders recognise that the indoor air quality research and stakeholder community is very diverse in comparison to the outdoor air pollution research community, and has not previously been the focus of coordinated UKRI support. Furthermore, the two communities have had little opportunity for joint working, and understanding the indoor/outdoor air quality interface remains a frontier research challenge where interdisciplinary approaches and cross-disciplinary working is needed.

The objective of this call is to fund a cohort of networks that will start to build a new influential UK interdisciplinary community in the area of the indoor/outdoor air quality interface, comprising academics, Public Sector Research Establishment (PSRE) researchers, and relevant stakeholders including from across healthcare, policy, practice, industry, 3rd sector and the publics, as appropriate, across the required disciplines. The anticipated outcome of the call is a new coordinated self-sustaining UK community, positioned ready to drive forward world-leading interdisciplinary clean air research and innovation at the indoor/outdoor air quality interface.

Up to £3m is available to fund approximately six networks at up to 0.5m (80%FEC) each. Projects should start on 1 July 2020 and run for 3 years.

Applicants must submit a Notification of Intent using the online registration form by 16:00 on 5 December 2019 for their full bid to be considered.

Closing date (Full Proposals): 16:00 on 21 January 2020