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Precision medicine technologies: shaping the future

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Funding details
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14 May 2018, 00:00
11 Jul 2018, 12:00
Up to 70% of costs covered: total project costs of £100k (feasibility studies) or £2m (research/development). Total funds available: £5m.
Innovate UK

Innovate UK will invest up to £5 million in innovation projects to support the development of precision medicine (PM) technologies.

Applications can be for either feasibility study projects or industrial research and experimental development projects, although projects may have work packages in different research categories if necessary.

You must explain clearly how your proposed technology will advance precision medicine.

All projects must involve at least one UK based business.

Feasibility study projects must be led by a UK based business, either working alone or working with other businesses or research organisations.

Research and development projects must be collaborative, and led by a UK based business of any size or research and technology organisation (RTO), and must include at least one other grant-claiming organisation, such as an NHS organisation, another healthcare provider, a business, a Catapult or other research technology organisation, a research base or a third-sector organisation.

The aim of this competition is to support the commercial development of precision medicine (PM) technologies.

We define precision medicine technology as innovations that enable early and accurate diagnosis which will help with patient management or therapy selection. This includes combining knowledge of clinical biomarkers with advances in diagnostic technologies and data analysis. Precision medicine is also commonly referred to as stratified medicine or personalised medicine.

Successful applicants will be able to analyse and evaluate the commercial potential of a technology, identify the requirements and resources needed to bring it to market and establish the prospects of success in the target market.

You must explain clearly how your proposed technology will improve precision medicine. It must make it easier for medical professionals to choose an appropriate patient treatment. We want you to justify why the proposed technology or service will help with the selection of the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

Many useful organisations are listed on the Knowledge Transfer Network Landscapes website. We encourage you to contact and work with relevant charities and patient groups when assessing the intended patient and end user need.

KTN is running a competition briefing in London on 31st May: click here to attend.

You can also view this event as a webcast.

For more information about this funding opportunity please contact our sector lead
Giulia Boselli
Knowledge Transfer Manager - Precision Medicine