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SBRI funding competition: identify, catalogue and analyse terrorist still imagery online

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14 May 2018, 00:00
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20 Jun 2018, 12:00
20 Jun 2018, 12:00
Research, Information and Communications Unit

More than 80% of terrorist media shared online by the group’s supporters is still imagery. RICU forecast that terrorist propaganda will increasingly be used to exploit local issues in the UK, Europe and North America. For this purpose they will rely on supporter-produced imagery. Such propaganda is highly dangerous because it is so often created both by and for our own citizens.

Research, Information and Communications Unit’s (RICU) are seeking proposals to automate the detection, cataloguing and analysis of still terrorist imagery posted on a range of social networking, public messaging or content hosting platforms. The principal application of this technology will be to improve HMG analysis and reporting of terrorist content online. However, applicants should also consider the potential for their solutions to this challenge to be implemented by industry, to help expedite the removal of this harmful material online.

Applicants should consider the accuracy thresholds of any proposed solution against these use cases; while a solution that is 99% accurate at determining terrorist imagery could be developed into an analysis platform, a solution created for implementation against the data volumes of CSPs would require far greater accuracy.

There is a briefing event for potential applicants to find out more information, on 18 May 2018.  Register to attend here.

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