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TechForce19 (Digital Tools for Self Isolating people)

Registration is closed
Funding details
Registration opens
16 Mar 2020, 00:00
Registration closes
01 Apr 2020, 12:00
01 Apr 2020, 12:00
Up to £25k per project

We believe new technologies can help support the vulnerable, elderly and self-isolating as COVID-19 continues to spread. Within this challenge, we are particularly looking for innovators able to support in the following areas. If this is your company, apply.

Please note: this competition is aimed at helping in the community, and we are not looking for solutions that are trying to solve clinical problems or require integration with NHS systems.

Remote Social Care

Finding healthy and qualified carers who can provide support for those in need
Managing and delivering care in care homes
Delivering domiciliary care and technology in the home
Optimising Staffing in Care and Volunteering Sectors

Recruiting, training and certifying of doctors and nurses and professional carers
Volunteering – recruiting and triaging volunteers into clinical and non-clinical workers
Projecting demand for health and care workers across the country to improve deployment and management of resources
Tackling data gaps in the care sector to understand the financial sustainability and needs of care businesses
Mental Health

Discovering and delivering mental health services
Accessing relevant and inclusive peer 2 peer communities
Supporting self-management of mental health and well-being
Facilitating employee well-being

Apply today

Please register your interest via this link. After completing the application, select innovators will be invited to interview.

Government funding of up to £25,000 will be given to the chosen innovators to test their solution, with the goal for these evidence-based solutions to be deployed quickly based on the potential benefit.

Innovators will be selected based on (i) solution feasibility; (ii) company credibility; (iii) impact; and (iv) digital maturity.

Following the completion of the trial and testing period NHSX and Partners will consider the best route for further development of the solutions in order for them to best benefit people during the COVID-19 emergency.

Applications close @ 12pm on April 1, 2020.