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Supporting the development of integrated, efficient and sustainable transport systems, by bringing together independent but interrelated organisations to stimulate innovation.

Transport at the Knowledge Transfer Network

The Knowledge Transfer Network’s Transport team can help you or your business with funding, expertise and connecting with innovators from other sectors.

Please contact our Transport Team:

Michelle Carter – Head of Transport

Rob Furlong – KTM Transport Systems

George Filip – KTM Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Simon Buckley – KTM Low Emission Mobility

Matthew Moss – KTM Maritime and Marine

Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain – KTM Rail

Hannah Abson – KTM Aviation

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You can also keep up to date with news, funding and events across the Transport sector by connecting with the KTN Transport group on LinkedIn or following KTN Transport on Twitter.

Future of Flight

Driven by innovation in engineering, technology and business models, the way we move people and goods around is transforming with ‘mobility as a service’ challenging our assumptions on how we travel. KTN was commissioned on behalf of Innovate UK to undertake research to understand how UK businesses can help transform the ways we move people and goods by air. The outputs from the consultation (published November 2018) have been collated into one Sharpcloud story here.

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