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Driving the conversion of the UK’s bioscience knowledge into innovative agricultural, food and industrial bioscience products and processes.

Agri-Food at the Knowledge Transfer Network

The Knowledge Transfer Network’s Agri-Food team can help you or your business with funding, expertise and connecting with innovators from other sectors.

Please contact our Agri-Food Team:

Jayne Brookman – Head of Agri-Food
Bryan Hanley – Food Specialist
David Telford – KTM Agri – Livestock and Aquaculture
Simon Baty – KTM Food
Chris Danks – KTM Agri – Plants and Crops
Liliya Serazetdinova – KTM Agri – Plants and Crops
Charles Vander Broek – KTM Agri-Food & Industrial Biotech
Callum Harvey – KTM Agri – Livestock and Aquaculture
Debbie Tully – KTM Food

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You can also keep up to date with news, funding and events across the Agri-Food sector by connecting with the KTN Agri-Food group on LinkedIn.

Aligning food and drink sector R&D needs and priorities with the UK's Industrial Strategy
KTN's Food Sector Group has produced a paper to define clear priorities and needs for pre-competitive and industrial R&D in the food and drink sector.
A Pre-Competitive Vision for the UK’s Plant and Crop Sector
Plants and crops underpin the health, wellbeing and food security of our growing population.
Increased crop yield, quality and sustainability through collaborative innovation in hydroponics
Saturn Bioponics have developed a commercial 3D growing system for sustainable crop production with KTN support and Innovate UK funding.
Creating new opportunities for sustainable fruit and vegetable production in Asia and Africa
KTN support helped Russell IPM develop innovative pest control technologies that reduce the need for conventional pesticides in soft fruit production.
Transforming veterinary practice in the food chain
RAFT Solutions Ltd are taking innovative research into agricultural practice with the support of KTN and Innovate UK.
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