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Working across all sectors to embed design thinking and practice into all areas of innovation across the UK

Design at the Knowledge Transfer Network

Human-centred design is for businesses of any size who are interested in early-stage innovation strategy. For start-ups, strategic design helps get brilliant ideas to the right market. For established businesses, it helps reposition or expand their offering.

The KTN Design in Innovation team help design businesses, start-ups and established businesses collaborate to find partners, funding and innovative expertise.

Find out more about the Design Foundations funding programme which enables businesses engage with customers, users or wider stakeholders through human-centred research.

Check out our Design in Innovation insight series that demonstrates how design techniques can help companies refine their ideas and create new opportunities to scale up and grow.

Download our Early Stage Design in Innovation guide which explores how design can be used in innovation and how to create the best environment for design,

Please contact our Design Team:

Edward Hobson – Head of Design and Innovation Effectiveness
John Bound – KTM Innovation & Design
Jake Larsson – KTM Design and Innovation
Delina Evans – KTM Innovation Effectiveness
Frank Boyd – Specialist, Innovation Process

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