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Aiming to create and promote new knowledge and knowledge transfer in forensics, primarily for the benefit of UK business and economic growth.


Forensics covers all areas related to the investigation of crime: this can include areas as diverse as computer decryption, chemical sensing, human anatomy, crime scene reconstruction and pathology.

To discuss how KTN can help your company’s Forensics work, contact:
Hazel Biggs – KTM Forensics, Defence and Security

KTN has created the Forensic Science Database, a tool for anyone looking to undertake a research and development project that has an application in forensic science. The database has three interlinked sections; challenges (research challenges that have been identified primarily by the end user community), contributors (challenge submitters) and stakeholders (potential project partners).

Presentations now available: ISCF DSbD Technology Enabled Business-Led Demonstrator Stage 1
Digital Security by Design briefing event cancelled: presentations now available with information on the scope and requirements of the competition.
Join KTN and Innovate UK for our WEBINAR on the forthcoming Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Calls
This webinar is suitable for anyone with an interest in participating in European projects in the forthcoming 2020 Secure Societies related topics.
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