Commercialising Graphene and other 2D Materials
Strategic support for device and product manufacturers to engage with end users and the R&D base in graphene and other 2D materials.

Graphene and other 2D Materials Special Interest Group

The UK has been a global leader in research on graphene since it was isolated at the University of Manchester in 2004. The isolation of graphene has led to the discovery of a whole family of 2D materials, including hexagonal boron nitride and molybdenum disulphide. These can be combined with graphene to create exciting new devices and products.  The UK has so far responded well to the need to develop graphene manufacturing capability and capacity. The investment in 2D materials manufacturing capacity needs to be rapidly accompanied by increased application developments in diverse industrial sectors. Now is the right and exciting time for this to happen.

If you want to know more about the SIG and/or get involved, please contact Tatiana Correia or Robert Quarshie.

A vision of the opportunities for advanced materials: Short ‘vision papers’ from the Advanced Materials Leadership Council
The AMLC has engaged with the Advanced Materials community to consider scientific developments in two primary classes of materials.
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