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Internet of Things

Aiming to create and promote new knowledge and knowledge transfer in the "internet of things" (internet-connected and internet-controlled devices), primarily for the benefit of UK business and economic growth.

Internet of Things

The Knowledge Transfer Network’s Internet of Things (IoT) team can help you or your business with funding, expertise and connecting with innovators from other sectors.

Richard Foggie – Knowledge Transfer Manager, Internet of Things

Robin Kennedy – Knowledge Transfer Manager, Cyber Security, Personal Data and Trust

Andy Curtis – Head of Creative Industries and Digital Economy

You can also keep up with news on the sector by joining our LinkedIn group, The Internet of Things (IoT) at KTN, or by following @KTN_Creative on Twitter.

Presentations now available: ISCF DSbD Technology Enabled Business-Led Demonstrator Stage 1
Digital Security by Design briefing event cancelled: presentations now available with information on the scope and requirements of the competition.
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