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Sustainability & Circular Economy

Stimulating growth through sustainable innovation that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable as well helping to improve resource efficiency through new technologies & business models

Sustainability & Circular Economy at the Knowledge Transfer Network

The Knowledge Transfer Network’s Sustainability & Circular Economy team can help you or your business with funding, expertise and connecting with innovators from other sectors.

Please contact our Sustainability & Circular Economy team members, who cover all areas within KTN:

Ben Peace – Head of Manufacturing
Jonathan Abra – KTM Water
Jenni McDonnell – KTM More Sustainable Energy
John Ransford – KTM Energy (renewables and offshore wind)
Louise Jones – KTM Smart Energy Systems
Ray Chegwin – KTM Nuclear
Nicole Ballantyne – KTM Manufacturing
Veronica Sanchez-Romaguera – KTM Circularity and Smart Functional Materials
Peter Clark – KTM Raw Materials
Matthew Reeves – KTM Materials Chemistry and Formulation
Simon Baty – KTM Food
Andrea Wyers – KTM Africa Programmes
Matthew Moss – KTM Maritime & Marine
Hannah Abson – KTM Aviation
Darren Hill – KTM Projects and EU Programmes
Matt Chapman – KTM Health
Emma McKenna – KTM Emerging Technologies
Nilam Banks – KTM Enabling Technologies
Luca Budello – KTM Geospatial

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You can also keep up to date with news, funding and events across the Sustainability & Circular Economy sector by connecting with the KTN Sustainability & Circular Economy group on LinkedIn or following KTN Sustainability & Circular Economy on Twitter.

KTN is also involved in European sustainability projects: these include CRMRecovery (Critical Raw Material Recovery), and SCRREEN (Solutions for CRitical Raw materials – a European Expert Network). We also run the UK Circular Plastics Network.

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