Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Accelerating the domestic production of sustainable aviation fuel by connecting businesses and researchers.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel - Special Interest Group

The aim of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Special Interest Group (SAF SIG) is to help accelerate the domestic production of sustainable fuel through strategic business solutions. The UK must capitalise on the opportunities presented by the emerging sustainable fuel market to reduce emissions, create jobs and bolster investment in science and technology. The SAF SIG will support the activities of DfT and Sustainable Aviation by building the supply chain and stimulating innovation.

Sponsors and Partners
Department for Transport
Sustainable Aviation
Biotechnology for aviation biofuels – new studies focus on life cycle analysis
A Special Issue of Biotechnology for Biofuels examines the Life Cycle Analysis for the production of sustainable aviation and vehicle fuel.
Biofuel blending reduces aircraft engine particle emissions up to 70%
A 50-70% particle emissions reduction from aircraft engines and realistic data to help inform R&D programmes and investment strategies.
Sustainable Fuels UK Roadmap sets out clear goals for the UK aviation sector
Sustainable fuels have the potential to play an important role in achieving the UK’s ambition to reduce carbon emissions from transport.
£20m from DfT to develop future fuels for flight and freight
A new competition launched by Department for Transport (DfT) is open to support the development of low carbon fuels for aviation and freight.
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