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Call for Papers for the International Rubber Conference 2019

Posted on 10/05/2018

Learn about technical advances in the global rubber market.

The year 2019 will commemorate the 200th anniversary of Thomas Hancock’s pioneering work with natural rubber in London. He used his knowledge of machines and experience as a skilled tool maker to develop a mechanical method of processing rubber.

The International Rubber Conference 2019 is being organised by IOM3 on behalf of the Polymer Society with Innovation in Elastomer materials and products being at the forefront of the event.  KTN is proud to be a co-sponsor for this event.

Held on the 10th – 12th September 2019, this three-day conference will be a must attend event to learn about technical advances in the global rubber market.

Call for papers

Original papers will be invited to be presented that reflect current research and technology within the rubber industry in sectors and disciplines such as defence, civil engineering, mineral extraction, biomedical, sustainability, adhesives, sport and leisure, robotics, transportation, oil and gas. Other topics for discussion include environmental and sustainability issues in the industry as well as innovations in polymer production, the use of fillers and other additives in compounds and developments in vulcanization technology. In addition papers that can help characterise or simulation tools that can help predict a range of properties including component stiffness, dynamic performance, fracture, fatigue and abrasion as well as chemical degradation are invited.

Call for papers deadline: 31 January 2019

Further information and details of how to submit a paper are available here.


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